Here is the list of available modules in source (reading) and target (writing) :

Module Source Target
Body segment statistics      
Header segment statistics      
Finished statistics      
Clicks statistics      
Unsubscribed statistics      
Unfinished statistics      
Open statistics      

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In this tutorial, we‘ll learn how to create a Dolist connector.

For this purpose, we will proceed in stages:
Connecting to your Dolist environment
Creating a Dolist authentication
Retrieving the information needed to create the connector in Myddleware.


1st step: Connect to your Dolist environment:

Go to your Dolist login portal and log in.

Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to the home page. Click on the administration tab as shown in the image below :


The administration tab is now open. You will find in the left menu a subsection named Web Services”. Click on it.

The following tabs should appear. The one which interests us is key management”.


You are now ready to move to the second step.

2nd step: Creating a Dolist authentication

While you are on the “manage keys” tab, click on “Add a new Authentication”:


The form below appears:


You must now fill in the necessary fields. We advise you not to choose the restriction by IP and to check the “permanent validity”. If you however wish to add Myddleware IP to your restrictions, please contact us.

Congratulations, you’ve just created your Dolist authentication for Myddleware !

3rd Step: Retrieving the necessary information

For this last step, just click on the “See Key” button or the “See the authentication key” buttonif you are still on of your authentication page.


see-key-2Enter your logins to display the following information:


Take note of your Account ID and your authentication key so that you can fill in the fields when creating your Dolist connector in Myddleware.


Congratulations, you‘ve created your Dolist connector! You can now use it to synchronise data to or from this solution.