Myddleware is able to read and write all Sage CRM modules, even the custom ones.

To create a Sagecrm connector, you will need:

– Your user email address.

– Your password.

– A WSDL file that you need to download.


The user and the password are those you use to access your Sagecrm account.

To download the WSDL file, you must connect to your Sagecrm account and click on “Administration”.


Once you’re in “Manage My Account”, click on “External Access” and then on “View Web Services WSDL”.


A new page opens. You have to save it.


Now, go to your Myddleware environment where you will create a new connector. After typing in your email address and password, click on “wsdl file”. Choose the file you just downloaded and then transfer it.


The file has been transfered successfully.


Test your connection. If the bulb is green, it means it’s working!


Choose a name for your connector and save it.

Congrats ! You’ve created your Sagecrm connector ! You can now use it to sync data from and to this solution.