Myddleware is able to read and write all Salesforce modules, even the custom ones.

To create your Salesforce connector, you will need :

  • Your username
  • Your password
  • Your token
  • Your consumer key
  • Your consumer secret
  • Indicate if you are connecting a sandbox



How can you get your security token ?

  1.  Connect to Salesforce with your login and password
  2. From the homepage of your account, click on your username then on “My Settings”
  3. Then choose “Personal”
  4. Finally click on “Reset my security token” (it will be sent by email)


Consumer Key and Consumer Secret

You need to create an app.

From Setup, enter “Apps” in the Quick Find box, then select “Apps”. Then select “Create”, then “Apps”.


Create a connected app by clicking on “New”


After typing your App Name, API name and email address, enable OAuth Settings.

Put your Salesforce URL and choose “Full access”. Save.

 You will be redirected to the presentation page of your app. There you’ll find your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.


Fill out the connector creation form in Myddleware :


Congratulations! You have created your Salesforce connector.You can now sync your data from and to your Salesforce app !