How to deploy on

First of all, click on this link :

You will be able to create a free trial account with our partner Then Myddleware will be automatically deployed.

Once you have created your account, you will be abble to choose theregion of your Cloud:

Finally, continue to payment method, you won’t be charge during the trial period. You will be able to cancel anytime.

At this point generates your account :

Please wait 2 mminutes and you will be redirected on your platform environment. Add a name to your projet :

Click on « Next » and will generate your Myddleware environment :

Wait 2 minutes until the status change to success :

Click on « Visit your website », you will be redirected on the login page of your Myddleware :

For security reason, please change your password in Myddleware :

You will be able to change your email address too if your want to receive Myddleware notifications and alerts about your data transfers.

Have fun with Myddleware!