Install Myddleware via wizard

You can install Myddleware by adding “myddleware/public” to your Myddleware URL:


You should be redirected to http://<path_to_myddleware>/myddleware/public/install/requirements but if not, simply click the ‘Install Myddleware’ button :

Here, Myddleware will analyse your server’s configuration to check it against requirements. A prompt will let you know whether your server is ready to install Myddleware or if further action is required to begin the installation process.

Once you have fixed the potential errors, simply click ‘Next’ to get to the database setup section.

Here, fill in the form with the values corresponding to your database. Click ‘Save’ then ‘Next’. Myddleware will then attempt to connect to your database.

WARNING: before submitting this form, please ensure you have already created an empty Myddleware database on your host server.

If Myddleware was able to connect to your database, it will have automatically updated it with the necessary schema and the following message will be displayed :

Simply click ‘Next’ again. Myddleware will now attempt to load the configuration data it needs to be able to run. The following message should then be displayed :

Once you’ve clicked ‘Next’ again, the fifth and final step to install Myddleware will be to create your Myddleware user :

Once this is done, you should automatically be redirected to your Myddleware admin dashboard. You are now ready to use Myddleware.


We advise you to set up your web server, you will find help here.

WARNING : please be aware that once you’ve installed Myddleware and registered your user, you will no longer be able to access this installation wizard.