Install Myddleware

You can install Myddleware by adding “/web/installMyddleware.php” to your Myddleware URL :  http://<path_to_myddleware>/web/installMyddleware.php

Change your file permission or PHP configuration if you face a permission error or if a PHP requirement is missing :


Once you have fixed the potential errors, you should be able to install Myddleware.

Create a database on your server. Fill in the form to connect to this database then create your user profile to log in to Myddleware :


Wait until the page is refreshed (this could take 30 seconds) :


Then click on the URL to open Myddleware and log in with the user profile you have just created :


Myddleware is now ready to be used :


For security reasons, please delete the installation file : http://<path_to_myddleware>/web/installMyddleware.php

We advise you to set up your web server, you will find help here.