Install via command

Before starting, make sure your configuration is correct : open a command shell and run this command :

php bin/symfony_requirements

Change your configuration until your system is ready to install Myddleware :


Create a database on your server then change these parameters in the file /myddleware/app/config/parameters.yml:

  • database_driver: pdo_mysql
    • Don’t change the driver pdo_mysql
  • database_host:
    • It is “localhost” if the database is on the server where you have installed Myddleware
  • database_port:
  • database_name:
  • database_user:
  • database_password:
  • secret:
    • You have to create a random string of 32 characters (more info here)


Then, go to your Myddleware directory and run these commands :

Clear the cache in case you have already tried to install Myddleware

php bin/console cache:clear -e prod

Generate the file Myddleware needs to run (more info here)

php bin/console assetic:dump -e prod --no-debug

Generate web bundles files

php bin/console assets:install web -e prod

Create tables into your database

php bin/console doctrine:schema:update -f -e prod

Add data in the created tables

php bin/console doctrine:fixtures:load --append -e prod

Create the user profile to log into Myddleware. Change the values myddleware_username, myddleware_user_email, myddleware_password into your own parameters

php bin/console fos:user:create myddleware_username myddleware_user_email myddleware_password -e prod

Add the admin role to the user you have just created

php bin/console fos:user:promote myddleware_username ROLE_ADMIN -e prod

Make sure that these permissions are correctly set up :

  • The following directories have to be writable by the web user
    • myddleware/var/cache/
    • myddleware/var/logs/
  • The following files have to be writable by the web user :
    • myddleware/app/config/myddleware.yml
    • myddleware/app/config/public/parameters_public.yml
    • myddleware/app/config/public/parameters_smtp.yml

For security reasons, please delete the installation file : <path_to_myddleware>/web/installMyddleware.php

We advise you to set up your web server, you will find help here.

You can now access Myddleware with this URL :